About Me & My Photography

I started taking pictures when I was 10 or 11, using point and shoot inexpensive cameras my family had lying around. It only took a few compliments for one photograph I took of my youngest brother and two of our cats for me to think of photography as a lifetime pursuit. I continued to use P-N-S cameras until I was 16, when I saved all my summer waitressing tips to buy a professional camera outfit. That Chinon CM-3 in the summer of 1979 cost me $600 — a fortune! But soon after I was the photographer for the high school paper and attending seminars for HS kids at summer sessions at Stanford University (the only girl with 13 boy photographers).

Life brought theater to me at this point and my major goals changed to acting. But my side-life has always been about the visual image. In 2006 I returned to it as a serious hobby (oxymoron?), embracing the digital medium, and have been gaining new skills and philosophies since.

I do not have a favorite subject; like most photographers I have a lot of children, cats, and flowers featured, but also trees, chairs, and architecture seem to appear often.

If any of these photographs would be welcome to you as a print, please contact me at milliemitchell@earthlink.net to discuss sizing and prices, etc.

Thanks for spending time with my art!

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